Residential Internet Service Provider

Residential Wireless Internet Service

Desert Winds Wireless is known for providing extremely fast and reliable Wireless Internet services! Our home wireless Internet is one of our primary services and it offers residents a high speed Internet connection to their homes that does not require a phone line or cable connection.

What makes Desert Winds Wireless an industry leader among residential Internet Service Providers (ISPs)?

Our customers receive exceptional coverage due to our broadcast towers being strategically located. More than anything, our customers appreciate us as their preferred Internet Service Provider (ISP) because of the lightning fast Internet they receive at their homes!

Another way Desert Winds Wireless stands out from the competition is our wE Care Assurance Program. This customer-centric support services program offers extensive tools for customers to take advantage of so they gain convenience and easy access to our world class Internet wireless services. wE Care is intended to make it easier for our customers to be able to enjoy wireless Internet access.

wE Care offers these first class support features

All In-Home Service Calls FREE!

This includes a call to the Support Center allowing technicians to be dispatched to customers’ homes free of charge— no matter what problem is found.

Gaming Systems and Mobile Device Support

Transform your entire home into a powerful Internet and gaming station. Connect your X-Box, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Alexa, Google Home and much more to the Internet.

This allows customers to transform their entire home into a powerful Internet and gaming station!

Router Support and Configuration

For customers with multiple computers in their homes connected to the Internet. We’ll help configure routers and make sure security is set properly and all their computers in their homes are connected.

Expedited In-Home Service Calls

These customers move toward the front of the line. Our goal is to be at a customer’s home within 2 business days or less. This compares favorably to the average response time in the industry of 2 to 4 business days.

Cable Moves

Often we have customers who want to move their computer to another location in their home. This plan covers the labor/supplies for one cable move each year.

Cable Repair

Customers give us a call and we come take care of any and all cable damage issues for free.

Computer Network Support

We configure network settings and ensure that all devices are running as efficiently as possible.

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